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Stocks and Shares ISA

Let your investments grow free of UK income tax and capitals gains tax

What is an ISA?

An Individual Savings Account or ISA is a tax efficient savings vehicle. The investments held within an ISA are not subject to UK income tax or capital gains tax so you get to keep more of your investment growth.

SIPP account


Maximum contribution in 2021/2022 tax year

What are the limits?

You can contribute up to £20,000 to an ISA in the current tax year (for UK tax residents) and you can transfer unlimited amounts from other ISA accounts regardless of your country of residence. There is no lifetime limit to the amount you can build up in an ISA.

Investment control

The ISA account allows you to invest in a wide range of investments including: 

UK, US and other overseas Shares

 Exchange Traded Funds

 Investment Trusts

Unit Trusts & OEICs

A range of Ready-made Portfolios

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Unrestricted access

There are no restrictions on how much and when you can withdraw the money from your ISA, and withdrawals are usually free from UK taxes. 

ISA account charges

There's a one-off £50 Account opening fee and dealing charges are £4.95 for OEICs & Unit Trusts, and £11.95 for Shares, ETFs and Investment Trusts.


Annual account charge


depending on the value of your account

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