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Accessing the money in your UK Pension

The standard minimum age to be able to withdraw money from a pension in the UK is age 55 and there is no longer any restrictions on the amount you can withdraw.  In this article we are referring to personal and company pensions, not the state pension.

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3 sensible reasons why you should transfer pension to SIPP

It is not a surprise that, once you move abroad and are already in retirement, or planning to retire, there are going to be certain financial circumstances you need to consider for yourself.  If you have a pension in the UK and have now left the UK or are planning to leave in the future, you may be thinking about ways of gaining more control over the money in your pension.

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Can I cash in my pension in the UK?

If you have a pension plan in the UK from your time working for an old employer, you may be thinking about how you can withdraw your money from the pension plan.

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Should I transfer my Final Salary Pension to a SIPP?

A final salary pension was often seen as the ultimate gold plated retirement plan, with a guaranteed indexed linked income to be paid for life.

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Do I need Financial Advice for my UK Pension?

If you have permanently left the UK and are looking for a solution for managing your UK pension, you may be thinking about contacting a financial adviser to get some advice on what to do with your pension, and potentially transferring your pension to a SIPP.

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Can I withdraw my UK pension tax free in the UAE?

If you're a resident in the UAE, you will have probably become accustomed to earning a tax free salary in the sunshine, receiving your full pay cheque without any deductions.

For those you left behind in the UK, the highest rate of income tax they'll pay on their salary in the UK is now 45%.

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What is an International SIPP and how are they different?

If you’re a non-UK resident with a pension in the UK, you may have come across an "International SIPP" and wondered how one of these differs from a "non-International SIPP".

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Can a non-UK resident transfer a pension to our SIPP?

If you are no longer resident in the UK, but still have a pension there, you may be considering your options for the best way to stay in control of your pension. One way to do this is transferring your pension to a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). If you're a non-UK resident you can transfer a pension to the MyExpatSIPP.

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How To Withdraw Money From A UK Pension

If you have a UK Pension but have now left the UK permanently, you may be wondering how you can withdraw your money from your pension fund.

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Transfer UK Pension to Australia (under age 55)

Over the years, a number of United Kingdom residents are choosing to leave the rainy weather conditions behind and move across to the other side of the world in Australia, to enjoy a more easy-going sunny lifestyle. It is the retirement dream of many, but to transfer their UK pension seems way too complicated for some. In a world full of a big variety of regulations and laws to follow, it can be extremely hard to keep up. Especially by yourself. If you can relate to this particular situation and struggle, then you will be happy to know that we are here to help you in understanding all the rules and regulations related to your transfer UK pension to Australia.

If you have previously worked in the UK and have now moved to Australia permanently, you will most likely want to know whether you can transfer your UK pension into a Superannuation fund in Australia. If you transfer UK pension to Australia you will need to be aware of the various rules surrounding this.

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