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Simple. Fair. Transparent.

One of our founding principles is to keep the charges for your pension simple, fair and transparent. We don't believe in taking hidden commission or confusing charges from your pension.

When others make it difficult to know exactly what you're paying, we make it simple and easy to understand so you know exactly where you stand.

The SIPP account charges 

The annual platform charge is tiered, based on the value of your account and includes:

full support and guidance to help you manage your pension

safeguarding and custody of investments


on the first £500,000


on the next £500,000


on the value over £1m

Dealing charge

Investment type Charge (per deal)
Unit Trusts & OEICs (Mutual Funds) £4.95
Shares, Exchange Traded Funds & Investment Trusts £11.95
Transaction Charge Notes
Account opening £200 Deducted on receipt of the first transfer or contribution to the account
Account closure £100 Deducted when the account is closed due to a transfer out, full withdrawal or annuity purchase
Account closure within one year £500 Deducted when the account is closed within 12 months of receipt of the first transfer or contribution


Transaction Charge Notes
Transfer in £50 Deducted on receipt of each of the first three transfers. Subsequent transfers are free
Annual administration £150 p.a. Deducted on receipt of the first transfer or contribution to the SIPP and each subsequent anniversary
Flexi-access drawdown £150 p.a. Deducted on the first designation of funds to drawdown or receipt of transferred drawdown funds and on each subsequent anniversary
Existing capped drawdown £150 p.a. Deducted on receipt of transferred capped drawdown funds and on each subsequent anniversary
Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS) £100 Deducted for each UFPLS payment
Annuity purchase £75 Deducted on the purchase of an annuity 
Transfer out £75 Deducted when making a full or partial transfer, including transfers made in accordance with divorce settlement orders 
Death claim processing £500 Deducted on the settlement of death benefits


All charges will be deducted from your SIPP. You must always ensure that there is sufficient cash in your account to cover our charges and any pension, lump sum or other payments when they are due for payment. VAT is only applicable where indicated.

Platform ongoing service charge – The platform ongoing service charge is calculated based on the average value of your account each month and collected the following month. For new accounts opened during the month, the charge will be applied on a pro rata basis from the date of account opening to the end of the month. For accounts closed in a month, the charge will be applied on a pro rata basis from the beginning of the month to the date the account is closed. This charge is subject to a minimum of £10 per month.

Pension administration charges – The pension administration charges are payable to Gaudi Regulated Services Limited who are the administrators of the SIPP. Please refer to the MyExpatSIPP Terms & Conditions for full details of fees, charges and expenses payable to Gaudi Regulated Services Limited. This “SIPP Account - Charges schedule” forms part of those Terms & Conditions. *The pension administration charges are subject to VAT for EU residents only.

Buying and selling investments – The investments that you choose may have their own initial and annual charges, in addition to our dealing and platform charges. Dealing charges apply separately to purchases and sales and the dealing charge for each transaction will be shown on the contract note. Stamp duty of 0.50% applies on all purchases of UK quoted shares. The PTM (Panel on Takeovers and Merges) levy of £1.00 is payable on equity trades with a consideration of over £10,000 in securities of companies which are incorporated in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Additional government and local stock exchange charges are payable for certain international markets and will be added to your contract note.

If you are unsure about any of the charges, please contact us for full details.

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