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A SIPP for non-UK Residents

The UK SIPP for non-UK residents

MyExpatSIPP is a self invested personal pension (SIPP) that is designed especially for individuals who have UK pension benefits and are now non-UK residents.

It is a simple low cost pension plan that allows you to manage your UK pension online, without having to use a financial adviser. It is a type of personal pension and works in a similar way that a standard personal pension would. The main difference you will encounter, is that you will have a lot more flexibility with the choices you make for investment. With that flexibility comes the ability for substantial growth, so that you and your family are provided for in the future.

SIPP for non UK residents allows you to build your own portfolio of investments with online dealing, or select one of  the low cost ready-made investment portfolios.

Generally speaking, most expats can open an international SIPP, whether employed, self-employed, not working or retired.

Your personal Account Manager will guide you through the process of drawing your pension when you reach retirement, and assist you with completing the necessary HMRC tax forms.

Complete our short online application and transfer your pensions into one, easy to manage online SIPP for non-UK residents.

Why transfer to MyExpatSIPP

Tax when withdrawing your UK pension from overseas

You can get up to 25% of your UK pension paid as a tax free pension lump sum. The remaining 75% can be paid as a regular income or lump sums into your SIPP for non UK residents.

The UK has double taxation agreements with over 120 countries which normally means you won't be taxed twice on your pension withdrawals.

Most agreements state that pensions paid from the UK to a resident of country with a tax treaty with the UK, will be subject to tax only in their country of residence.

This means that any withdrawals from MyExpatSIPP can generally be paid without any tax deducted in the UK. As this is a SIPP for non-UK residents, we can even pay these withdrawals directly into your local (non-UK) bank account.

You will normally need to report any payments you receive from your SIPP to the tax authority in your country of residence.

It is vital that you apply for a Nil-Tax code if you are no longer UK resident so that any payment is made gross of UK taxation.

Find out more about your options for taking withdrawals from a UK pension plan

Transfer your UK Pension to a SIPP for non-UK residents

Though SIPPs were originally created for more experienced investors, more and more non uk residents are choosing to transfer their personal pension schemes over to a SIPP so that they can gain more control, lower costs and enhance performance. It's is easy and straightforward to a SIPP for non UK residents transfer your UK pensions to the SIPP account and doesn't require a financial adviser.

All you need to do is tell us who your pension is with and your policy number and then we will handle the rest.

Most transfers can be processed electronically using the Origo transfer service meaning you won't usually need to complete any paper forms.

Electronic transfers are used for the majority of cases, in which case transfers are usually completed within 10 business days. If your existing provider requires original forms to be completed and returned then it can take 4-6 weeks to complete the transfer. The SIPP is also ideal for non uk residents who wish to return in the UK at some point in the future. This is due to the SIPP pension being recognized across the UK, allowing former residents to return with no complications and continuing using this service as any other UK resident.

Transfer your pension to the SIPP for non-UK residents.

Why transfer to MyExpatSIPP

Wide range of investment options

We try to cater to all levels of investment experience. You can build your own portfolio of investments from a wide range of Shares, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Investment Trusts, with direct online dealing.

Alternatively, we know not everyone is an investment expert and wants to manage their own investments. That's why there are ready-made investment portfolios to choose from.

The investments in the portfolios are managed by Vanguard and BlackRock, two of the world's largest money managers, who collectively look after around £9 trillion for investors all over the world.

All you need to do is choose an investment portfolio to match your risk profile and then the investment managers look after the rest.

Investment Options

Transfer your UK pension to a SIPP

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Manage your pension online

Get online access to your pension just like internet banking. You can view the value of your SIPP, buy and sell investments and track any transactions in or our of your plan.

SIPP flexible


A SIPP offers flexible drawdown so you have the option to take regular income withdrawals, lump sums or take your whole pension fund in one go.
SIPP control


With a SIPP, you're in total control of your pension. There's no employer link so you decide how its invested and how and when to take withdrawals.
SIPP access from age 55

Pass on your wealth

A SIPP allows you to pass on your pension fund to your beneficiaries with no UK inheritance tax liability. SIPPs can be passed through generations.
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