A wide range of investment options

Take control of the investments in your pension with a choice of thousands of global Shares, ETFs, Investment Trusts and Mutual Funds

Invest in companies from around the world

Trade shares listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq, FTSE and other overseas markets with dealing orders placed and executed through your online account. Plus, there’s 0% US withholding tax on US shares held within the SIPP.

Funds from the world's leading Investment Managers

There’s a wide range of Funds available including Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds (Unit Trusts & OEICs) and Investment Trusts from some of the world’s leading investment managers.

Online platform dealing

Live market quotes

When you submit an order, you will be presented with the best live price from a panel of market makers so you know you’re getting an up to date price for your order.

Instant execution

When you accept a price quote, the order is executed at that price and booked against your account. Settlement is typically T+2.

Settlement in local currency

Use US Dollar cash to settle USD trades, use Pound Sterling cash to settle GBP trades. No need for FX to settle trades with multiple cash accounts available.

international sipp platform

Ready-made portfolio options

If you’re not confident selecting your own investments, or would prefer to leave this to professionals, you may want to use one of the ready-made portfolios.

The funds allow you to have access to a range of global investments, without the hassle of selecting investments yourself. They’re a kind of one-stop solution that keeps your investments on track with little intervention from you.

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